Frequently Asked Questions

 Why should I do this?
  • Resources are available to support your project.
  • A chance to showcase your business idea this summer, with an opportunity to become permanent.
  • The Grandmont Rosedale neighborhoods remain amongst Detroit's strongest and most vibrant communities
 When are proposals due?
  • June 15, 2014
How do I submit a proposal?
  • Submit proposals via email to in a PDF. If you have a large proposal, please upload and provide a link via DropBox or other similar site.
Can I submit multiple proposals?
  • Yes. If you are proposing different ideas for multiple spaces, please submit one proposal per space.
Can I submit a joint proposal with multiple businesses, or artists and businesses collaborating together?
  • Yes.

What kinds of spaces are available?

  • 19560 Grand River is a retail storefront that is move-in ready and will support full build-outs and long-term occupancy. This is ideal for a pop-up tenant with permanent aspirations.
  • 19120 Grand River is a small, 300 SF storefront dedicated to pop-up only. Pop-up terms will likely be 60-90 days. It’s a perfect place to get your business started.  
Can I see the spaces?
  • Open houses have passed. Below are a couple of photos.

19560 Grand River

19120 Grand River 

Questions from Retailers

How much is being funded?

  • Funding varies and depends on what is needed for each concept/idea/shop. Please include the sources and uses of funding that you already have or will invest in your own business. Tell us what you need funding for and how much you will need.

Will I own the building?

  • No, the building is owned by the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation.

If not how does the rent work?

  • Pop-ups will pay 10% of gross sales towards rent and will cover all utilities. Rent terms for permanent tenants will be discussed during leasing negotiations.

How long can pop-ups lease the space?

  • Pop-ups can range from a single weekend event to 30-90 days. Please include how long you want to do a pop-up in your proposal.

What are you looking for?

  • All business concepts are welcome to apply. The call for entries outlines what we are looking for in your proposal and how we evaluate. See page 6.

What is the history of these buildings?

  • 19120 Grand River was most recently an event space, 19560 was formerly the office for Center of Empowerment and Economic Development (CEED) and prior to that was a furniture store.

What are the times can we have the building open or are there time stipulations?

  • This depends on the pop-up. An agreement will be made between the tenant (you) and the building owner. The goal is to activate space, therefore pop-ups that are open the majority of the week and host reasonable and consistent hours are more likely to meet program objectives.

What is the proper format for proposal submitted?

  • The format is very simple. Answer the questions outlined in the call for entries on our website and email it to us in PDF form. See page 5.

Are there any ideas or concepts that you are absolutely opposed to funding?

  • We encourage applicants to take a look at what we have funded in the past. The concept must generate revenue and be an asset to the community.

If selected what are the next steps in the process?

  • REVOLVE will notify all applicants of the results of the selection process within three weeks after the submission deadline. Interviews will be scheduled with finalists and additional information may be requested to confirm or clarify elements of your proposal.

How much money is required from the entrepreneur to get started?

  • It depends on the business. There is no required amount. However, we like to fund concepts that already have resources to grow their businesses and are able to show personal investment.

Are there any other model businesses that your initiative helped to start?

  • We are always posting updates on about the businesses we have worked with. Most recently, Livernois Ave and West Village. Businesses range from a ceramic studio to a bakery. See for the businesses, artists and, innovators we have worked with.

What are the rules regarding an allowance for building renovations?

  • Winners will meet with building owners and project team members to define a detailed list of improvements, equipment and other changes necessary to make your pop-up a reality. Eligible and non-eligible renovations and expenses will be discussed, and a plan will be set in action to quickly transform the space.

Can you explain what you mean when you say, “Describe how you will manage your business?”

  • What does the typical day look like in your shop if you were to open? Will it be open Monday - Friday? How many staff are there at one time? What are the various roles and responsibilities of staff?  

Can you explain what you mean when you ask for, “Target Market?”

  • We are basically asking, “Who is your customer?” When discussing your “Target Market,” think about and answer questions like: What are the characteristics of your ideal customer? Why does this segment of customers need your product? Is it in high demand? Where do your customers come from? Be detailed, but also be brief.

I am proposing a food pop up, is there a commercial kitchen available in any of the proposed spaces?

  • No. All food must be prepared off-site in a licensed kitchen unless they are prepared under the cottage food law. Alternatively, we encourage you to include rental items to support food prep on site —refrigeration, 3 compartment sinks, etc. as an expense on your proposals. Note: not all spaces can accommodate food uses. A temporary food license will need to be secured if food is prepared onsite. See See also for more information on food pop-ups, commercial kitchen space and cottage food laws in Michigan.