Tyler Q Rosen

Production Designer

Tyler has been a part of the design, event, advertising and entertainment arts community for over 17 years. Beginning his professional career in Detroit in 1995, Tyler's early film work eventually lead to advertising event design, taking him to New York City, where he lived and worked for over ten years. Now based in Hollywood, California, Tyler owns and operates, Whalefilm, a full-service set design and fabrication/production company specializing in advertising, commercial, retail, event, television, film production and experiential event design. 
Whalefilm artistically delivers human visions through creative skill and precision, creating environments that draw on the visual, tactile and audile senses of potential clients. Through awe-inspiring settings, memorable visual media and interactive engagements, Whalefilm delivers thought-provoking and influential experiences that leave a lasting impression. 
Tyler proudly returns to Detroit to collaborate with the super-talented artists of this beautiful city and to help revitalize the Avenue of Fashion. 
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