Sandi & Andrew Heaselgrave

"Detroit needs good coffee, because people are smart here and coffee makes you smarter." - Sandi Heaselgrave

Sandi & Andrew Heaselgrave

The Red Hook

Sandi and her husband, Andrew, were at the top of their fields in New York when they decided to begin a new chapter in their lives. They returned home to Detroit in 2010 to begin to raise their family and to start a small, sustainable business. They saw a need for good coffee, “all I wanted when I came home was a good cup of coffee,” Sandi said. They opened their café, “The Red Hook,” inside of Ann St. Peters’ bakery, Pinwheel, in 2011, after a small renovation. Now, the two businesses flourish; coffee enhancing Pinwheel's amazing pastries, and pastries enhancing The Red Hook's coffee. All under the same roof!

They chose to expand to West Village because it seems like a great neighborhood that needs great coffee and a little place for neighbors to hang out. They could tell that the neighborhood used to have that, and they wanted to help revitalize it. “It’s hard to be a small business in Detroit,” Sandi said, “but it’s worth it!” She referred to The Red Hook as a “neighborhood nest” where people can start their day, focus, and get their work done.

“Detroit needs good coffee,” Sandi said, “because people are smart here and coffee makes you smarter.” They just want to be a part of a great neighborhood and “The West Village ticked all the boxes,” said Andrew, Sandi’s husband, “and hopefully people will welcome us and we can offer a great product in return.” Their passion is as high of quality as their ingredients and it doesn’t get any better!