Noam Kimelman

Fresh Corner Cafe


Fresh Corner Café L3C is a mission-driven healthy food distributor formed in response to the troubling lack of access to high-quality healthy foods in Detroit. They partner with corner stores, gas stations, and other small-scale retailers to ensure that all Detroiters— including the 70,000 households that do not own a private vehicle—can easily and always access an affordable and delicious healthy meal.

They currently deliver fresh salads, wraps, fruit cups, and yogurt parfaits to 36 stores throughout Detroit. They believe that increasing supply, in conjunction with strong community engagement and education, will capture latent demand as well as stimulate new demand that will ripen a market for high-quality healthy convenience in underserved neighborhoods throughout Detroit, Michigan, and the rest of the country.

Noam Kimelman (26) serves as the Chief Executive Officer and majority stakeholder. Noam holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Policy from the University of Michigan. In 2008, Noam raised $20,000 to launch a non-profit organization called the Ypsilanti Health Initiative, which unites college students and low-income seniors around service learning, health education, and grocery incentives.

In 2010, Noam raised $40,000 to launch Get Fresh Detroit LLC, a fresh produce distribution operation which has ultimately morphed into Fresh Corner Café L3C. In 2011, Noam served as an Independent Consultant to the Detroit Eastern Market Corporation and founded the Detroit Youth Food Brigade, a summer employment and entrepreneurial training program for inner-city high school students.

Noam now serves as the President of the Board as this program continues under the guise of the Detroit Food & Entrepreneurship Academy and has raised $200,000 in its first 2.5 years. Noam also sits on the Community Advisory Board of Whole Foods Detroit, the Population Health Council of the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority, and the Steering Committee of Foodlab.