Katrina Studvent

Katrina Studvent

Social Ice Cream Bar

Katrina Studvent, along with her husband Donald Studvent own and operate 1917 American Bistro. As novice to the restaurant industry, Katrina and Donald invested in a community affected by the economic downtown. Four years later, 1917 American Bistro has been acknowledge by the Mayor of Detroit as a new city gem. With gross revenue of close to $700,000 in 2011, 1917 American Bistro continues to gain supporters throughout metro Detroit and around the world. Customers visiting from Alaska, Hawaii, and Nassau have shared their wonderful stories of hearing great things about the restaurant. Currently, 1917 American Bistro has close to 2,500 fans on Facebook and was voted #1 restaurant in Detroit by Urbanspoon.com users in 2012. Growing from a staff of four to eighteen employees, 1917 American Bistro continues to carve out its place in the framework of new development on Livernois Avenue.

Social Ice Cream Bar owner Katrina holds a bachelor degree from Michigan State University and a Masters of Social Work from University of Michigan. And with all her book smarts, she believes ice cream is a universal treat loved by all. The ice cream companies that market products around the world identify Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America as importers in a survey produced by the International Dairy Foods Association in 2012. Source: IDFA ice cream company survey, 2012. Katrina and her husband are committed to economic growth and community empowerment along the Livernois Corridor and they both believe Local Social Ice Cream Bar will be successful among other pop-ups and permanent retail offerings along Livernois. 

Social Ice Cream Bar purpose is to serve locally made treats and offer a neighborhood gathering space for local residents and visitors to the historic Avenue of Fashion in Detroit, MI. This proposal outlines tenant build out, development and operation of Local Social Ice Cream Bar. Whether it’s a first date, play date or social meet-up Social Ice Cream Bar will allow people to gather for frozen treats, food, drinks and social interaction.

Katrina doesn’t consider herself a foodie, but a sweetie when defining her love for sugary treats. Ever since she could remember, ice cream and baked goods were always symbols of celebration and happier times. When Katrina would visit her dad and stepmom on the weekend, ice cream was always a big part of her bonding time with them. Whether celebrating a birthday at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor in Southfield or walking to the neighborhood Dairy Queen on Mac and Iroquois in Detroit, happy times were always surrounding ice cream.

Email: katrinastudventum@gmail.com