Garnette Archer

Jo's Gallery

Garnett Archer is a charismatic, passionate, and second-generation owner of the legendary Jo's Gallery located at 7 Mile and Outer Drive on the Avenue of Fashion in Detroit.

Garnett was five years old when her mother, Joanne Griffin, started the gallery in their home 30 years ago, selling Hummel Figurines.  Her mother purchased the building in 1996 and since then, Jo’s Gallery has been one of the many art gallery favorites in the Livernois community. After her mother passed away, Garnette committed to the continuation of African-American Arts to the community. “It takes a couple of visits for someone to decide to buy an art piece-- especially if they are not looking for something specific,” she explained.

Garnette has plans to expand the gallery by adding a coffee shop. "I want to create an environment where people gather and sit,” she says, “have a cup of coffee, and be able to see today's hottest African-American artist's work."

The biggest sale, Garnette recalls, was an original William Tallower piece that sold for $13,800. Other than original art and prints, Jo's Gallery offers custom framing, Hummel figurines, jewelry, and furniture pieces. The gallery has art for every kind of budget, with prices ranging from $100 to $5,000. 

Location: 19376 Livernois Ave, Detroit MI, 48221

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00PM and 6:30PM

Phone: 313.864.1401