Flaco Shalom

Flaco Shalom

The Untitled Campus

Passionate. Aggressive. Eccentric. Three words Flaco uses to describe both himself and his art. Undoubtedly so, there is nothing bland or monochrome about this passionate Detroiter. He never misses a beat, even when rejection comes his way. In fact, that is the driving force for the majority of what he does. This includes Flaco raising $4,000 in less than 30 days based on his art sales to get to Tokyo, Japan. “If I see an opportunity, I hop on it,” he says. He looks at Detroit as not only his hometown, but as a canvas of opportunity. 

He currently runs The Untitled Campus on 314 E. Baltimore in Detroit. It consists of 5 buildings right at the intersection of E. Baltimore and Brush St. The Untitled Bottega is the focal point of the spaces and hosts concerts, movie showings, and a gallery space for up-and-coming artists to showcase their work and “no one gets turned away.” He says he found the space by chance and referred to it as a blind spot, “you never see it coming.” Flaco is nothing short of extraordinary and never ceases to astonish.

Location: 314 E Baltimore St. Detroit, MI 48202

Email: flacoshalom@me.com