Ebony Rutherford

Trish's Garage

Ebony Rutherford was born in Fairfax, VA, though she was mainly raised in Detroit, MI. She worked numerous jobs before landing her dream job, which matched her major of sales and economics.

At the University of Michigan-Dearborn, she was prepared academically with the skills and knowledge for the role of an executive assistant. It was her dream sales position in the corporate world, but it demanded a better wardrobe than what she had in her closet. She ended up nearly breaking her bank account getting the right clothes for the job.

During a prestigious event supporting her executive, she was inappropriately dressed. Her skirt was too short and she had open-toe shoes. Not only did she embarrass herself, but was an embarrassment to the company she was representing.

That life-changing experience inspired her to start Trish’s Garage, a fashion boutique that helps students, recent grads, and young professionals put looks together on a budget.

She wants to help college students who are making the transition from school to work, without breaking the bank. Part of her business is consulting on the best-clothing-buys, the other part is providing customers with affordable options.


Trish’s Garage is a social and community-based fashion store that provides image workshops, as well as clothing and accessories. Her and her sister decided to start the business in 2007, because they didn’t want anyone to go through the horrible experience of not presenting themselves properly. An important factor is that your first impression, whether verbal or non-verbal, is your last impression. They wanted to be able to provide some helpful tricks and tips to do so.

Most of their customers are young professionals that live and work in the Detroit area. They have an extremely solid customer base. In the future, they plan to expand their business by building a network of student-styling services that use their social and image consulting practices. They want to design a system that makes it easy for other stores to participate in styling workshops so that any young adult is prepared for the “real world.”

They understand that looks aren’t everything, but want to make sure customers are presenting the best asset of their true selves. Her life’s purpose is to satisfy a need and simplify her customer’s lives by making them feel great and purchase affordable clothing options.


Email: ebony@trishsgarage.com

2014 pop-up space: 1249 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48226