A spoken word and jazz series that offers workshops and presentations on trauma and coping, teen dating, violence, sexual assault, and child abuse prevention

Brittni Kellom

Just Speak

Just Speak, Incorporated is developed by founder and CEO Brittni Kellom in 2003, after suffering four years of severe sexual and emotional abuse from her biological father. Just Speak, Inc. has evolved as an organization that has conducted workshops and presentations with various social and domestic organizations across Southeast Michigan.

Just Speak, Incorporated is an organization to empower young survivors of child abuse, sexual assault or neglect; as well as the community by serving as a voice advocating against child abuse for children using a holistic approach.

They offer services, which include legal advocates, psychological and medical resources and support from other survivors as well as safe and professional forensic interviewing in partnership with the judicial system within one facility. We seek to meet the emotional, physical and educational needs of their survivors.

Phone: 888.429.9299

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustSpeakInc/

Email: JustSpeak@JustSpeak.org