Angela Foster

“People want coffee, pastries, and conversation, and the liveliness keeps things going.” - Angela Foster

Angela Foster

Coffee and (____)

After being classically trained in Baking and Pastry at Schoolcraft Community College in Livonia, Angela moved to Washington DC to begin her career as a pastry cook at the Ritz Carlton. After two years, she moved to the beach and ran a Bed and Breakfast for three seasons on the Atlantic Ocean. It was there that she learned to sail and met a guy who happened to be a Captain with the dream to renovate his sailboat, sail it down to The Caribbean, and run "Barter Charters" off of the, eventually gorgeous, yacht. So, they did just that and she began making coffee and breakfast treats every morning.

Angela Foster is a good example of how one great thing leads to another great thing. She came back to Detroit with nothing but this idea and saw the potential that it had. “Coffee and (__)” is the name of her shop. Coffee and (whatever she makes that day). Once you get the concept, it sticks! It really stuck with Detroiters and her high energy makes her easy to love. “People want coffee, pastries, and conversation,” she said, “and the liveliness keeps things going.” She would do a tally of what people wanted her to bake the next day and people would come in because they felt as if it were exclusive to them.

Angela would volunteer around Detroit, and in return, everyone volunteered and helped her out when she started developing her concept. Her idea shows that if you get rid of everything you hate about a job and take the things you love, you’ll always be happy and so will the community you operate in.

Location: 14409 E. Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48215

Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 7:30AM - 4:30PM and Saturday - Sunday: 8:30AM - 4:30PM